Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So I know I recently posted about eating less meat, but I can't hold back on my recent, incredible, sausalicious experience.

Oyama Sausage Co.
in Granville Market. We walked through the entrance and saw this:

Charcuterie heaven!! (that's right, they make their own serrano ham!). This picture doesn't even include their vast array of refrigerated products...

They make (among many other things) prosciutto (many, many kinds - including duck and wild boar), pates, and sausages. We tried a Portuguese salami, finocchiona (fennel salami), and a prosciutto salami. Incredibly good. And very reasonably priced. My favorite, the finocchiona, was very thinly sliced, unctuous yet with a slight meaty chewiness, and with the fragrance of fennel. Can you tell that I want to eat some more right now? If food porn does it for you, you must check out the product list on their website.

Other samplings from Granville Market:

The bright yellow berries in the foreground are gooseberries - we had to pay $0.25 for a taste of these tangy berries with just a little touch of sweetness.

They called this barbecued salmon - which turned out to be the best hot smoked salmon I've ever had. Just the right amount of salty smokiness without overwhelming the salmon flavor. And very tender, perfectly cooked pieces that retained the fattyness of salmon without turning into a brick of protein.

A perfectly good slice of pepperoni pizza

Followed by a delicious Blueberry Colada - a combination of blueberries, coconut, and raspberry juice. Take that Jamba Juice!

I'm going to devote an entire day to meandering through and snacking at Granville Market the next time I'm in Vancouver. Hopefully soon!

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