Saturday, July 26, 2008

Carb Coma

Sooo delicioussssssss..... Pizza for dinner last night. Pancakes for breakfast. A Churro for a snack. And linguini for dinner. With some focaccia.

Holy crap this weekend has blown my dietary plans to smithereens. Smithereens! I was surprised by the results of the recent NEJM study which compared low fat, Mediterranean, and low carb diets head to head. Having previously done low carb, I found it very effective but was also suspicious about it's effect on cholesterol. But guess what? The study shows that low carb is actually the best of these diets for cholesterol.

Another thought that's been buzzing around in my head for a while is one planted by Michael Pollan's book "The Omnivore's Dilemma." It makes some very good arguments about considering the carbon footprint of your food when making choices. I highly recommend this book for everyone - I think it's interesting even to the non-foodies out there.

So tentatively (after this weekend, haha!), I think I'm going to revise my diet thusly:
1. Low carb
2. More locally grown veggies
3. Cutting back to eating meat only once a day (writing this I realize I'm such a carnivore) with a long term goal of eating meat only 3x a week.
4. Less processed food - maybe one item every few days?
We'll see how it goes!


City Elf said...

less meat? i know this is good for the environment, but it makes me so sad. bacon still loves you.

Christina said...

Re: "Cutting back to eating meat only once a day." That's hilarious -- I thought you were going to say, "once a week" or "once in a while."

Gear Girl said...

Don't worry, I still love bacon too! Just maybe not everyday.

Haha! Christina, I didn't realize how huge a carnivore I am until I realized I was just cutting back to once a day!