Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nobody's Perfect

But do they really have to be incredibly annoying?

Dear Obama Campaign,

Let it be known that I still support your candidate and will vote for him. In fact I made my first donation to a political campaign to you - $500 early this year during the primaries. But recently, you have become a thorn in my side.

Firstly - $500 is a lot of money for me. After the third futile phone call pestering me for even more money, do you think you would give up calling me on an almost weekly basis? No. Even when I stated I did not have more to give, or that I had to wait until after I paid my taxes, or that when I feel financially able I'd contribute online, you continued calling. Uh, how many times do I have to say that I financially can't? It's frankly disrespectful. And with each no, you reply- "well how about $1500?.... No? Ok, what about $1000? Alright, how about $500 then?" Look - no means no. I'm not some fickle female who says I can't and then gets sucked into - "oh, ok $200. And charge it to my card!"

Secondly - if the contributor's address is on the West Coast, maybe your volunteers would have more luck squeezing cash from people by calling AFTER the target rolls out of bed and outta the shower. Those 6:30 AM calls are extremely irritating. Now I realize, my area code is firmly east coast. But come on. For a campaign supposedly in touch with the younger vote, you should realize lots of people move around but keep their cell number as their primary number. Besides, you have my address (it's where you sent the donation letter to).

Third - cease and desist with the fear tactics. Telling me to urgently contribute because McCain's ahead in fundraising is ridiculous when technically, he's not. The RNC is, but maybe the DNC should get itself organized and coherent and actually try to raise some money. I realize it's the same pot in the end, but don't spin it like it's some horror story. Just the facts please.

My last (I pray it really IS my last) phone call a few weeks ago consisted of me asking the volunteer to take me off the list.

P.S. Tell your candidate I'm thoroughly disgusted by his vote for FISA.

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