Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Having my mother visit in times of need can be a double edged sword. "Mommy" (as she likes to refer to herself) is wonderful at feeding, cleaning, and general errands. Invaluable. Especially when I needed her most this summer when my significant other was seriously ill. However, Mommy is also a crazy Asian lady. Whilst filling my freezer and myself full of delicious foods, she required the back door and kitchen pantry doors and drawers open at all times. Despite the 80-90 degree weather.

So the other side of the coin would be the seriously disgusting moth infestation that resulted from cavalierly flinging open all doors. An infestation that we finally (please GOD) rid ourselves of last night. Cleaning a bug infested pantry was something I had put off for a month - especially after cleaning out the similarly infested beloved chocolate drawer. I probably threw out $100 worth of chocolate. And worse, it was chocolate covered with webs, baby moth worms and the like. Finally, the boyfriend made me face the issue of the pantry. Thankfully, he took care of most of it. After the worst of it, I offered to take over and finish up the job. Unfortunately, after one too many squeals and screams, he banished me from the kitchen. The last scream resulted from my imagining the feeling of a worm crawling on my leg. I still have the creeps thinking about it.


City Elf said...

i'm still quite sad about the chocolate drawer. i'm glad you got rid of the moths, though. ew!

Clumsy Navigator said...

It's left me scarred, I'm having a hard time wanting to re-stock the chocolate drawer :(