Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Aside from short period of time after consuming some bad supermarket sushi (big mistake, I know) I love eating sushi. One of my favorites is hamachi which has a buttery quality that I am addicted to. Luckily enough some extremely fresh hamachi was available from the Pasadena Farmer's Market's Fish Lady. The Fish Lady is awesome - not only does she supply a huge variety of very very fresh fish - she does her Saturday morning fishmongering in 4 inch heels, full on makeup and hair, and a cute outfit. And this on a morning that likely starts around 5AM.

After a fabulous week spent with Michael's good friends climbing in Joshua Tree, we were spent. They drove off to the airport this Sunday, and we basically did our best to laze around the house throughout the afternoon. So we decided on something really simple for dinner and Google yielded this recipe. Now I've never been a huge fan of Ming Tsai - nor have I disliked his show - he's just never been as interesting to me as some of the other celebrity chefs out there. But this preparation for Hamachi carpaccio was pretty good.

We had no problems gobbling this up.

A few changes I would make... As you can see, there was no pounding flat of this fish. I like the texture of slightly thicker slices rather than the paper thin, pounded pieces. You can also halve the soy syrup recipe, cuz that stuff is potent! And we still have a substantial amount left over. Also, I was sad that my curry oil was not as potent as I would have liked. Perhaps it was my curry powder? And maybe I should have toasted the powder prior to adding the oil.

In any case, it was a tasty and simple way to prepare our hamachi.

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