Monday, August 13, 2007

Favorite T Shirt

I am a love 'em or hate 'em kinda girl. Especially when it comes to clothing. I'll wear the same exact outfit over and over and over if I love it- and you know what? I KNOW you know it's the same old T shirt every time you see me. But now you know that I DON"T CARE. Yeah, I've worn it 3 days in a row over a sweaty weekend at the New. Yep, I've worn it up a 14er and countless other hikes. And at least once a week biking. Because this T shirt is awesome. Amazing. Highly engineered capilene fabric.

How often can you wear an outdoor technical shirt and not look like an 60 year old school marm from 1982? Huh? You can keep your Royal Robbins and Gramicci - I'm sticking to my highly wickable, quick drying, breathable shirt. That's also cute. I honestly don't know how I'll ever replace it -

Yes, I own it in another color too - almost as good as blue


Lisa Tien said...

please stop making me look at your boobs...what's your deal?

Alex Paik said...

look at my boobies!! i have big boobies!! i love my new fitted bras!!

Alex Paik said...

oops, i wrote that under alex's account be accident...oh well