Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bulgarini Gelato

I spent the day yesterday at a gelato tasting hosted by Bulgarini, in Altadena. A sunny day outdoors eating intensely flavored, cool sweets. Delicious! We had:
1. Golden Kiwi
2. Mango
3. Golden Plum and Chocolate orange
4. Coffee crema
5. Zabaglione - Marsala wine
6. Pistachio - the best of all

The best thing I discovered was that most of the fruit flavored ones are actually sorbets - despite their creamy luscious texture, they contain no dairy. HURRAH!

The owners of Bulgarini are dedicated to finding the best, seasonal ingredients. They treated us to a taste of their ground pistachio paste, imported from Sicily. It was ....decadent. Extremely nutty and rich, a super fatty nut butter that I want to spread on toast - or make a really expensive s'more. Thankfully, Bulgarini is less than 10 minute drive...

Bulgarini Gelato
749 E Altadena Dr.
Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 441-2319

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